All Aboard is part of the womens ministry at Rockpointe Church in Flower Mound, Texas. It's a different kind of widows' ministry - one with a focus on joy and connection. 

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All Aboard Ministry

Founded by experienced executive producer Meredith Machial, Liaison connects agencies in the Midwest and Texas with the best creative talent from coast to coast.

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Liaison Co.

The Mismatch is a 6-piece band from Austin, Texas that combines folksome Americana tunes with a bit of bluegrass, a hometown groove and just the right amount of grit.

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The Mismatch

Founded by survivor and make-up artist, Britt Lineau, Community of Creedence is a non-profit helps women escaping domestic violence to find a new identity in Christ.

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Community of Creedence

Where finance and politics meet. Led by fiscal policy expert Mattie Duppler, Forward Strategies is on a mission to make complex policies relevant and engaging.

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Forward Strategies

Mostess is a box subscription that sends seasonally curated home decor and hosting items in one beautiful box (four times a year). Perfect for gifting or to treat yourself!  

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Mostess Box

The membership network that empowers women to be leaders in the creative industry. We know that ‘creative’ isn't just about making things pretty, it's about how things work. And everything works better when women are equally represented. 

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Work by Design

Through training and consulting around their core assessments (DISC, Driving Forces and EQ), Leadership Resources and Consulting partners with you to create lasting change for your company and everyone who works there.

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Leadership Resources & Consulting

Larry Casto has spent his entire career advocating for the City of Dallas and its citizens. Now Larry’s ready to continue to put Dallas first as Mayor.

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Casto for Dallas

Funky bass lines, keys, lap steel, acoustic strings, and stripped-down percussion create a swampy Southern soul bed for Michael Trotter and Tanya Blount's  transcendent vocals.

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The War & Treaty

Sidecar Post is a post-production studio that focuses on creating powerful and efficient workflow solutions for wedding photographers around the world.

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Sidecar Post Production

Unscripted Heart is a place to slow down, practice and breath. We believe beauty is often found in the mess and that life happens in the unscripted moments, each present moment a gift.

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Unscripted Heart

StitchSpace LA, founded by fiber artists Samantha Bloom and Amy Russell, is the place where people of all ages can come to flex their creativity.


Stitchspace L.A.

An experienced Dallas nutritionist sets out to create her own web-based practice, offering her expertise virtually anywhere.


North Texas Nutrition Associates

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