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A basic brand design including 2 logos, color palette selection, and custom brand guidelines document. Includes 2 rounds of revisions.

Express Branding

Effortlessly standing out as a leader in your industry, hitting your sales goals consistently without exhausting yourself trying to rustle up new business every month, and going to sleep each night knowing that your business has a strong online presence that is helping it grow sustainably. 

That's the power of  a beautiful and strategic brand.

A more robust brand design with logos, color palette, typography, patterns/textures, custom brand guidelines document and 4-5 marketing pieces + 2 coaching calls and unlimited revisions.


Essential Branding

Our entire Essential Branding package plus ongoing monthly design support and coaching, content creation and social media scheduling.

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We currently send a Welcome PDF to new clients shortly after booking. This PDF contains information on timelines, how to get in touch with the team, sharing work on social media and what happens if there is a delay in a project.

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In the past we've tried sending clients a celebratory gift at the end of their project or at the end of the calendar year in which we worked together.

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