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The Business Resource Library is where we share all of the best tools we've created over the years to help businesses like yours succeed. To get started, you'll want to go ahead and bookmark this page in your browser (since it isn't linked anywhere on our site). Below you'll find workbooks, video trainings and more - all created with you in mind. We are so glad you're here! 

Workbooks & Worksheets

In 5 minutes learn how to write a mission statement that is a rallying cry for your business and a selling point for your customers.

This simple workbook will teach you how to pick the right social networks for your business and easily create content that is irresistable to your audience.

This workbook is a step by step guide through the first part of our tried-and-true branding process - identifying the look and feel of your brand.

Do you know who your ideal client or customer is? Getting specific is key to creating content that converts. This worksheet shows you how to do just that.

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What is Branding?

Why Do You Need It?

How to Get Started With $0

Recommended Resources

Later is our absolute favorite for all things social. We use this tool to schedule posts on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. They recently added the ability to schedule Instagram Stories as well!

We started using Mailchimp for email marketing wayyy back in 2014. They've come a long way since then in terms of features, but the things we love have never changed: intuitive interface and usability.

As our team has grown in the last year Hibox has been a godsend. Think of it as Dropbox + Slack + Asana - no, really. Hibox has you covered for instant messaging with your team, sharing files, and assigning tasks/tracking time.

Stocksy is our go-to for stock photos. We love the unique selection, the fact that you aren't likely to see your photo used a million other places, and the way they highlight and support artists.

Creative Market is great for getting design inspiration, and for picking up a new font or template. Warning: it's almost as addictive as Pinterest!

P.S. Our business used to be called MOJO by Liberty Riggs so if you hear that in an older video, that's why!


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We currently send a Welcome PDF to new clients shortly after booking. This PDF contains information on timelines, how to get in touch with the team, sharing work on social media and what happens if there is a delay in a project.

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In the past we've tried sending clients a celebratory gift at the end of their project or at the end of the calendar year in which we worked together.

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